Native Ads:Why Use it for Online Marketing

1.  what is Native Ads?

The use of sponsored advertisements that replicate the appearance, feel, and functionality of the media format in which they appear is known as native advertising. It’s native since it doesn’t look like a typical advertisement and effortlessly integrates into the content. In other words, they appear to be a natural part of the page’s editorial flow.

  • The non-disruptive nature of native marketing is a key component. It exposes users to promotional content without being too obvious.
  • Native advertising traffic is frequently seen in social media feeds or as suggested content on websites. While social advertisements can also be categorized as native ads, we shall discuss native traffic in this post specifically refers to those displayed on content publishing websites to avoid misunderstanding.


2.  Different forms of Native Ads

  • Sponsored content is a type of native advertisement that frequently has company names and logos and appears within posts or on article sidebars.
  • Recommended content is a native advertisement that comes at the conclusion of articles in the related stories section as recommended bylines. Due to their proximity to actual editorial news articles, these are more prominently shown than sponsored ones.
  • In-feed ads are native ads that appear in the content of a page’s natural flow, such as a list of news articles.
  • Native video ads are video advertisements that show on websites that post videos.


3.  Features Of Native Traffic

  • A native ad is branded content in an editorial setting that emphasizes the educational and informational value of its audience. This kind of advertisement does not turn readers away because it seems like a regular article.Apart from that, the following characteristics of a native advertisement are obvious:
  • meets the publishing website’s aesthetic standards. Even if your advertisement is running on multiple websites, the creatives for your ads immediately change.
  • The only clue that it is an advertisement is the word “Sponsored” or “Ad” that is displayed in the corner of each advertisement.
  • The viewers have a favorable user experience because it is interesting, non-obtrusive, and causes no difficulty.


4.  Benefits of Using Native Ads

Here are some advantages of native traffic that can persuade you if you’re still debating whether to attempt it or not:

A. Brand Safety and Awareness

Native advertising traffic can help advertisers establish a favorable connection between their brand and the publisher’s website’s content. It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to interact with customers in a setting that people truly like to browse every day!

B. Value for both publisher and advertiser

Both publishers and advertisers benefit more from the native ad model. Native advertisements offer more than simply clicks because they create content that improves user experience while also displaying pertinent advertisements, therefore raising CTR (click-through rate) for better outcomes!

Native ads can be useful tools for promoting items without bothering customers with pointless messages since they give advertisers the opportunity to engage their audiences using a variety of marketing methods, such narrative and branding.

C. Large Traffic Volume

There is native advertising all everywhere. The fact that native ads can be found on blogs, news websites, lifestyle websites, etc., gives them a broad audience. There are billions of native ad impressions every day because people enjoy reading and watching text and video content.With this much global traffic, even if you run a tiny business, your ad will have a chance to appear on major publishing websites, increasing exposure to your website (as long as your bid is reasonable enough).



Compared to typical web marketing strategies, native advertising has many advantages. It is more appealing than other annoying ad forms since it can fit in with the publishing website. Additionally, this sort of advertising receives billions of requests per day! There will always be people interested in your offer.